Here are some foods that are immune to getting rid of the corona virus

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Having good immunity in the body will prevent many infectious diseases. Most of the foods that Sri Lankans eat are of high quality. The immunity of Sri Lankans is immense Because of those natural foods. For that reason In them Coronavirus infection is minimal. Ayurvedic medicine is thousands of years old in Sri Lanka. For that reason, they have a very good eating pattern. The following are such foods and beverages.
Coriander seeds – Boiled water Drink in the morning and evening
Garlic – Eat garlic as a curry or porridge – Add it as a flavoring for food
mint leaves – Eat mint leaves as porridge or salad
Cumin, pepper, Fennel – Use as a flavoring
Ginger – Add it as a flavoring for food
Drink lime juice or orange juice
Pomegranate – Eat as seeds or juice
Red onions – Always add red onions to your diet
Goraka – add to your diet
Turmeric – add to your food as color and flavoring
Veniwel, ranawara drink like tea

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