Kiri Hodi

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Green chilies
Chili Powder
[Curry powder] just a bit
Mix with coconut milk (thick 3 spoons of powder in a cup of water)
Curry leaves

How to cook
When boiling stir and simmer for 15 minutes until you see the green chili pieces are boiled.
At the end add chopped tomatoes

Kiri Hodi Recipe secrets

Rice is the staple diet of Sri Lankan people which is accompanied by a mouth watering array of delicious and hot curries. In Sri Lanka, Rice and curry is eaten for lunch,dinner and even breakfast .
Kiri Hoid is an all purpose sauce and one of the simplest, quickest and tastiest curries in any Sri Lankn cooks repertoire. This simple sauce is served with other curries and is made of throughly cooked Coconut milk (Pol kiri). Coconut milk is extracted by dissolving freshly scraped coconut in lukewarm water and sqeezing the mixture to extract milk. This subtle sauce is infused with mild curry powder, chili powder, turmeric, fresh green chilies and various other spices to suit your taste buds .
To make the preparation even quicker . you can easily use canned Coconut milk for Kiri Hodi, please make sure to mix the content in the tin throughly as a thicker, paste like consistency separates from water and floats to the top of the can on opening. Of course fresh coconut milk still remains the best option if you can obtain it!. Kiri Hodi is , usually served with typical Sri Lankan dishes like Pittu, String Hoppers, Rice etc…Kiri Hodi can be easily converted in to a Potato curry or an egg curry by simply adding either boiled potatoes or boiled eggs.

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