Konda Kevum Recipe (Sinhala Aurudu food)

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Konde kavum Recipe

Wheat flour 50 g
Treacle 1 cup
Sugar 50 g
Raw Rice (red / white) flour 250 g
Sweet cumin (crushed) ½ tsp
oil ½

Right into a bowl positioned inside the following ingredients,
wheat flour, Rice flour, treacle and the sugar and mix it nicely it must be a rather thick batter.
hold it covered for about 1 hour.
Take a small wok placed the oil into and let it get properly heated.
Take the kavum aggregate right into a cup and pour half of the aggregate into the middle of The recent oil.
Into the kavum mixture that’s frying within the wok, add little by little the closing batter using small cup to the middle of the frying batter.
Take both an ekel or a wooden pencil formed stick, then insert it into the middle of the frying kavun batter and lightly boost it with the batter, then you can make kavun as the picture,
At the same time as doing this it should ensure that the oil is gently placed on the spatula with a Kavum, if you try do with the your left hand and shaping so that easy to perfect spherical.
fry it till golden brown very carefully raise it off the oil and the place on a strainer so that the oil drains off the kavum.

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