Indiappa (String Hoppers)

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I thought Indiappa is eaten only in Sri Lanka, but it’s not like that. In India, Singapore, Malaysia & most of Asian countries eat string hoppers but with different names.
In South India “PITTU MAYAM” is “INDIAPPA” in Sri Lanka. It’s really nice to hear this kind of news :-).
We mainly eat string hoppers, for our breakfast or dinner and it´s a very famous dish in every part of the country, no matter you are rich or poor all Sri Lankans love to eat Indiappa.
In the first time it will be little bit difficult, but try it again you will do it well.
Try it by your self…
All the very best with the recipe!
3 cups rice flour -roasted
2 – 3 cups warm water
Salt to taste

Heat the water in the saucepan of the steamer and bring it to boil.
In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt and water together.
Mix it well and form a nice ball which is not sticks on your hands.
cover it and keep it aside.
Fill the indiappa maker with the dough, and squeeze it on the top of indiappa watti (Small round trays, which are very special for string hoppers) Make a lace circle with the dough.
Steam it for nearly 5 – 10 minutes.
If string hoppers are well cooked, you can just remove it from the tray very easily.
Repeat the process till the dough is finish.
String hoppers is mainly goes with, Kiri Hodi (White coconut gravy), Pol Sambola (Coconut Mix with chili), Maalu Ambulthiyal or Chicken Curry.
But you also can have it with Seeni Sambola, Lunu miris, any white gravy or any curry you like most.
1. Remember to Roast the rice flour before you make the dough.
2.If you are using Wheat flour instead of rice flour, you have to Steam the wheat flour nearly 1½ hours.
3. Always remember to cover the dough.
4. Every time when you are using indiappa watti, before you use it just apply little bit oil on the watti, so then the dough won’t stick.
5. After you finish making string hoppers, remember to cover the cooked string hoppers till you use it. If not it will dry and you won´t able to enjoy the food you make.

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