Fish Curry

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1. Fish 300 grams, blood varieties like tuna are better. Try and avoid pacific (or cold
    water) fish. Tuna from Sri Lanka or Maldives is available at Tesco in the UK.
2. Roasted chilli powder 2 table spoons (less if this is too hot !). You can roast raw
    chilli powder until the colour changes from bright red to dark.
3. Roasted Sri Lankan curry powder 1 tea spoon
4. Goraka (Gambooge) 1 or 2 pieces (
5. Green chillies 2 chopped
6. Garlic 1 large clove
7. Salt 1 tea spoon (less if are health conscious J)
8. Onions 1 small chopped
9. 1 cup of water
How to cook
1. Mix all ingredients ( 1 – 7 above ) well except water, until the fish pieces are well coated in the mixture.
2. Add water.
3. Cook for 20 minutes until the fish pieces are firm, and the onion and green chilli pieces are well cooked.

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