Purawapu Malu Miris (Stuffed Capsicum Curry)

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In Sri Lanka we prepare this recipe with capsicum / Banana Pepper, but where I live now, I couldn’t find banana pepper so I made it with Paprika. It came nicely and the taste also similar to what we ate in Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka this is a famous curry in day to day meals. If you are a vegetarian prepare this dish without Maldive fish.
Take the challenge and try it by your self….
Good luck with the recipe…

2 paprika
2 onions – sliced
3 cloves of garlic – sliced
½ cup Maldives fish
1 teaspoon chili powder
1½ teaspoons chili pieces
1 teaspoon Sri Lankan raw curry powder
¼ teaspoon turmeric
3 – 4 teaspoons lime juice
½ cup coconut milk
Salt to taste

Firstly cut out the steams of paprika and clean the inside of paprika. (Take out the seeds, and get free space to fill the mixture.)
Then with a folk just make some tiny holes all over the paprika, especially on the top and bottom. Keep it aside.
Now in a medium size bowl mix all the ingredients together (onion, garlic, Maldives fish, chili powder, chili pieces, Sri Lankan Curry Powder, turmeric & salt) except lime juice & coconut milk.
After you mix all the ingredients well, add lime juice and mix it again.
Take out nearly 2 – 3 tablespoons from the onion mixture and keep it aside.
Now fill the paprika with onion mixture, till the paprika is full.
In a medium size saucepan, add the onion mixture that you kept aside, and also add 1/4 very small amount of all the spices we used for the onion mixture and also salt to taste.
Then pour the coconut milk and, let it get warm on medium heat.
When the coconut milk is hot, adds the filled paprika and coved the saucepan with the lid. Remember to turn the paprika upside down for every 5 – 10 minutes.
When th paprika is soft And there is only little bit thic gravy, it´s time to take the saucepan out from the heat.
Taste for salt.

Mainly goes with plain rice, but also you can have it with any kind of rice you like. And also you can try it with by other main dishes also.

1. If you like to eat seeds, just add the seeds you took out from the paprika into the onion mixture.
2. If you are using capsicums no need to do this step. (I´m doing this step because paprika is very thick, with this step it´s easy to make it soft while cooking.)
3. If you don’t like to add spices again into the curry, just forget that step.
4. If you feel, that coconut milk is not enough to get paprika soft, just cover the saucepan and put the heat medium to law.
5.Cooking time is depending on the size, hardness and also the holes you marked on the paprika.
6. After it´s cooked, there will be some gravy, it´s because of onions. From onions water will come and it will get mix with Coconut milk gravy.

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